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Pier 1 Imports, Inc. is a soon-to-be-defunct Fort Worth, Texas-based omnichannel retailer specializing in imported home furnishings and decor, particularly furniture, table-top items, decorative accessories, and seasonal decor. It was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker PIR. Pier 1 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on February 17, 2020, and on May 19, 2020, announced it was asking the bankruptcy court to close all stores, due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail ECommerce Ventures (REV) recently bought the rights to Pier 1 and plans to revive the brand as an ecommerce store.

Paige shared her experience, "I visited Pier 1 on 6/27/2020 to make a purchase with a Pier 1 gift card. The item I wanted to purchase was out of stock. The sales representative stated new items was coming the following week, and the store will be adding to their inventory. The representative recommended I come back the following week. I asked the representative, Will I still have the ability to use my Pier 1 gift card, she stated, Yes, until the store finally closes. Due to the pandemic I had to be quarantine for 14 days because someone at my employer had tested positive for the virus. So, finally I visited the store on 7/14/2020 and was told I can no longer used my Pier 1 gift card that I received for a birthday gift as of 7/12/2020. I explained the unfortunate situation and was told it was nothing they or I could do."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Company focus on credit combined with lackluster management and bad shipping and recieving created an endless deluge of customer satisfaction crises"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They filed bankruptcy and didn’t care about their employees at all."

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Company utterly fails its employees and doesn’t understand how to operate profitably."

Current Employee - Senior Buyer says

"leadership, bad strategy, no strategy"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Boring, short hours no oppurtunity for growth"

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"It's not an on call job and you're always on call. The efficacy of the schedule made depends on the experience of the Store Manager. If they're inexperienced or don't know their staff, it'll be a rough time. In the past two years it's been the company throwing anything at the stores trying to bring in sales. The stores have had to react to new directives as well as continue to uphold normal operations while payroll has been continually cut. Pier 1 is also one of the lowest paying companies in comparison to its competitors."

Former Employee - Customer Relations says

"Poor management, lay offs included"

Current Employee - Sales Leader says

"The company lies and doesn't care about the hardwork the employees do for them."

Current Employee - Sales Lead says

"Not respectful of employees and going out of business."

Former Employee - Material Handler Distribution Center says

"Everything everything everything everything everything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, horrible pay, horrible benefits. There's a reason they're going out of business. Store manager discriminated and treated their employees poorly. When issues were brought up to the district manager, was written off. Manager would schedule without consent and put in unpaid breaks you didn't take.n/ashort breaks, no benefits, low pay"

Unloader (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors & big bosses who sit up in the front offices don't care about their employees. It was the 1st shift did better than us, seemed no matter how hard we work it was never good enough. Female would get harrassed & you tell the boss, they just tell you to ignore them. Hated the job"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is the worst. Horrible management that will use you and then throw you under the bus once they are done with you. Doesn’t value their employees at all!!! Stay away!!!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is no structure. The GM does not know what they are doing and the team is demoralized. The management has no set expectations and the manager that clearly should have moved up to GM was passed up so they could transplant someone who is lacking in skills and abilities and compensates with passive aggressiveness."

Head of Sales / Assistant Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I had a manager that would follow me around and harass me. If i was doing one thing she wanted me to do another and she would constantly want me to bother customers to the point where they were annoyed with me. It was embarrassing and degrading. She would often sit in her office all day crying because she did not understand why no one liked her. It was the weirdest work experience i have had."

Sales Lead (Current Employee) says

"I loved my store manager and the job until the company had to close half of its stores. Since then it has been nothing but chaos no answers to anything just sell our fixtures to make money for the company. It is a joke!"

Picking, inventory control (Former Employee) says

"Peir1 was a terrible place to work. Im glad they are going out of business. The management is horrible, and it's a dangerous place to work, OSHA could rack up well a million dollars in fines."

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"Much pressure was put upon the Manager to reach sales goals, especially credit card sales. We surpassed our goals and surpassed expected credit card sales. The bonus was each individual in the month of November and December would receive a $50. bonus for achieving that collective goal. It amounted to $34. after taxes. Big whoop for the effort. No other bonuses or prizes offered. Very little incentive to reach a goal. This is a labor intensive job, along with strong emphasis on customer service, and extreme pressure for credit card sales. No benefit to the employees. We have a strong diverse staff who have given their all. Pier 1 knew all along they would be closing our store. They kept denying to our Manager that we would close. They told us the day before we started liquidation, and of course if we don't ride the sinking ship to the end, no unemployment. Only 3 things in retrospect was good about this job. Flexibility of hours, creativeness encouraged and the camaraderie of staff. I believe the latter benefit was due to careful hiring by our Manager."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work Supervisor was not professional Didn't like going to work. There is no more to tell They need to make sure the supervisor show workers respect."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very poor upper management. This is a very bad company to work for. You will be treated horribly. It might not show at first but it eventually will. My best advice is, please don’t choose this company if you’re looking for a long-term career. RUN!"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"The physicality of the job had more downs than ups. There wasn't a guarantee about what job I was going to do from day to day. The job caused unnecessary injuries."

Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"i was only there a few weeks. The store manager seemed nice but the assistant was horrible. The assistant manager constantly demeaning employees in front of customers and micromanaging. She would bark demands at you through the headset while you were with the customers. i had a few customers that were offended by the way she treated associates. Customers should feel comfortable with the managers and associate relationships."

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was blackballed by management . They had employees lie and flat out make up this to demote me . It was due to my race and age . I have a lawsuit being filed"

FC Associate (Current Employee) says

"They break federal laws I wouldn’t recommend anyone working here unless you’re willing to be dragged down with them once they are. They will also adjust your clock ins and outs so you won’t get paid for your full time work."

Sales/ Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"When I started there 11 years ago, it was the best job (and boss) I ever had. The GM was fair and professional. Then the company started treating its workers more and more poorly. Benefits were starting to erode away, and they were starting to micromanage the stores. The GM saw the writing on the wall before we did and quit. After he left we had a GM who was an absolute sociopath who did nothing but sit in her office all day and let a Manager On Duty run the entire store, and he decided to change procedures just to put his stamp on everything. He rearranged the stockroom so that it's now more crowded and actually dangerous to work in. Then the GM quit and we found out she had mismanaged the store so badly we had almost been shut down. Then the regional manager hired her friend to manage the store. Unfortunately she is a bipolar micromanager who is verbally and emotionally abusive to employees. We complained to the regional manager for years about her and nothing was ever done. Then one MOD quit and went around her, contacting the company directly. HR opened an investigation and the regional manager quit before the company could fire her. Pier 1 left our GM in place where she remains to this day. One day while both of us were unloading a massive shipment (with NO equipment) I quit. Nothing I was doing was right or good enough for her. Any positive aspect of working for Pier 1 has long been stripped away by the corporation. They have no respect for their workers and they deserve the slow death they are suffering from."

Store Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very terrible company to work for. The management is very indecisive and scheduling is the worst I have ever experienced in all my years in retail. They don't pay well and I can assure you, the hours are very terrible. The company doesn't seem to have a great future."

Assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"Company was bias towards men, no advancement unless a woman. Horrible pay, glad to see it fall out of business. Your management was clueless, didn't care about anything but themselves"

Sales Leader (Current Employee) says

"turnover rate very high and all stores discounts due to stores stores closing as well as sprayed pesticide items when brought in trucks. Mice. Looking forward to store closing.nonelucky if u get time to have 15 min break which is against law."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Your performance is largely based on your ability to talk people into opening the store credit card, you will have 'goals' to do so that are largely unattainable. Pay is not competitive to other retail stores. In five years my wage has increased by 75 cents, despite great performance reviews. Be prepared to unload 25 foot trucks with large furniture. Schedule changes with little notice, hours have been cut."

Stock Clerk (Former Employee) says

"They promote the wrong people all the time.. it's why the company isn't doing well and they continue to c lose stores . Hard work does not pay off ,it's all about favoritism. And I work for them 1o years and went to early store that needed help which is all.Its a job.They don't care about the associate, at all ."

M Picard says

"Products from other companies and resold. Materials and quality misrepresented. Paying for refund shipping. Told only gift cards for returns and time to receive item is weeks if not longer"

Susan currier says

"I order something 20 days ago and have not received it. They of course charged my account immediately. I received an email today requesting a review of the product. I called Pier One and they said they are so sorry but it hadn’t shipped. I will never order from them again!"

Mike says

"I ordered a TV Stand about 4-5 weeks ago from Pier 1. Unfortunately, the package arrived with zero tools for assembly (screws, washers, etc). I can’t tell you the amount of times I called to resolve this issue. The customer support is by far the worst in the business. I’m fine with losing some money to gain knowledge.... I’ll never order/buy a single product from this company again !"

Jerry Hearon says

"I purchased air freshener 3 weeks ago. It has moved farther away from where it originally shipped. It has been at the same location for the last 8 days. 1,700 miles from my house! They said not to call them back until another week went by. I have called 3 times & they keep telling me it will be here any time. Its kind of hilarious since its just sitting somewhere day after day after day."

Dian J says

"I ordered an item online on November 26. Item sat in the status of “not yet shipped” for two weeks. I emailed customer service twice and received no response. I finally left feedback on Facebook which prompted customer service to finally respond. They are claiming the item is out of stock and they have no idea when it will be back. It would have been nice to hear this 3 WEEKS ago when I ordered it as it was a Christmas gift. If I hadn’t complained, I guess they just would have kept my money. Very shady. Horrible customer service. Don’t fall for it like I did."

Tanya A says

"Ordered an item and when it wasn't shipped after over a week I wrote an email to their customer support, no response. Approximately 10 days later I took it upon myself to call in order to initiate a cancellation. This is the single worst customer service call I have ever experienced in my life. The guy was extremely rude and said because of the speed at which orders are processed and shipped I would have had to cancel it 15 minutes after the order was made. He continually interrupted me, scolded me for interrupting him, and told me I was wrong. Never in my life have I spoken to a representative that was so hostile.

After insulting me, he decided to inform me that I would have to wait to receive the order and process it as a refund. This would be fine but I really don’t think this order will ever be sent to me."

Janette P. says

"I've been a Pier 1 customer for over 25 years. I loved shopping at my local store and even when I'd travel, I'd like to peek into a Pier 1 to see what beautiful goodies they had. My home is full of Pier 1 stuff and I've spent tons of money with them over the years. Now that the their stores are closed, I decided to order some Christmas stuff on-line. I usually avoid sites where I have to pay shipping fees, but I felt the items I've purchased in person over the years, have been nice quality items, so I decided to give them a try on-line. I can't begin to describe what I was sent and the fake quality that it was. I also ordered a wreath which was canceled for some reason, but thank God they are issuing a refund. When I tried to return the pictures I ordered because they weren't the right color and because the graphic looked faded, the svc rep got very rude, overtalked me and told me they'd have to charge me a return shipping fee. I had already paid $15 to have it shipped and now they wanted to charge me another $7 to return it. I'm pretty financially stable and the total $22 would not have crippled me, but I just didn't like how the svc rep handled me and refused to waive the fee even though my reason for return was one of the 3 reasons why they would waive a fee. The online experience with the nasty rep put a bad, bad taste in my mouth so I won't ever shop with them again. Other retailers have friendlier policies and are worth my time and money to deal with. But sorry Pier 1, you lost a good paying, long time-loyal customer because your products are now shoddy and your reps are super rude!!"

Rebecca says

"I’ve always liked Pier 1 and their quality. So in the beginning of November I thought I’d order a couple of items.its 6 weeks later and 2 out of 4 have never shown up and now I am requesting refunds. If you actually want to receive your items, don’t ship at Pier 1 online."

pjm says

"This WAS my favorite store until they were bought out by the same people who own Dress Barn!! It's not even close to the same store!! So disappointed in the new products and the prices. The real Pier 1 had the BEST sales. Half the inventory is out of stock. This was my favorite store for gifts and for my own house. Their furniture WAS to die for!! They shouldn't have been allowed to keep the name because it's just not the same place anymore. I know it's just a store but it's a real bummer what's happened to it :("

Margie C says

"The worst online company to order from . I ordered a chair I was sent a ups tracking number. I tried tracking the package for 10 days. I kept getting the same response “ getting ready to ship “ my credit card was charged right away for the chair. After 10 days i attempted to reach Pier 1 customer service line. I would be on hold for ever. Right when it sounded like your going get connected it would disconnect. So frustrating. After about 12 days of not being able to speak to anyone, I went on pier 1 website to find out the chair was on back ordered. I continued to call customer service finally got to speak to a representative. He canceled the order and said I should see a refund with in 5 to 6 business days. He also said I would get a cancellation confirmation in my email. I never received a confirmation in my email, or a refund. I called back two days later finally got through to an other representative had to go through the whole story with him he went on and on how sorry he was but it will be canceled for sure by him and he will send me a cancellation confirmation, and refund. Till this day still never received a refund or cancellation notice in my email. I finally had to get my bank involved in it as fraud, and put in a dispute claim. I’m sure I’ll never see my $175 again. Pier one is not the company that it used to be. Don’t believe that their online service is just as good as shopping in the store now I can see why they went bankrupt. The representatives in customer service are absolutely unprofessional and stupid. With more people shopping online than ever due to the pandemic, you would think that they would step up the customer service to stay in business at least online.
This has been the most frustrating experience I have had with an online company."

Connie Rahm says

"Don't buy there candles they took the Pier 1 name and put junk in place of it, no difference then a dime store candle with a high price. Will never shop Pier 1 again!"

Dori Goldman says

"Package went missing 11/4. STILL haven't received resolution and it's 11/28 (and I had to spend $20 to ship). Customer service is THE WORST (person that answered was so rude and condescending). I will NEVER buy from them again. No wonder they closed all their stores. One of the worst experiences of my life and I'm out a ton of $$"

Wendy Baker says

"Don't shop at Pier 1. I ordered 2 chairs & a table on June 26th. Had to pay exorbitant price for shipping! They delivered the 2 chairs on September 21, but not the table. I called and they said it would be delivered separately. Never heard from them. I called pier 1 and they said they are not the same company, there was nothing they could do. Scam artists!!!!"

Rachy Poo says

"I think this company is a joke, I hate that I even have to give them stars in order to leave a comment. I ordered a glass tabletop only and it just so happened right before this stupid covid 19 pandemic broke out. I don't have a pier one imports for miles where I am. I think the next one is over in Traverse CIty, Mi and I'm in Alpena, Mi. It took 6 months for my table top to even make it to the warehouse, it took 2 weeks for them to try to deliver it. It was supposed to be delivered ups and ended up coming from ryder which added to the madness. I kept having to play a phone game of tag to even get a schedule delivery. They tried to deliver it once. My gate was locked as it always is I told dispatch when making the appointment for delivery to call me so I could unlock it and dispatch agreed to my requests. When I ordered I was forced to pay for a white glove delivery which was like $80 added on there was no other option. And the website for pier one imports didn't except my pier one coupon. The day of the delivery no one called so they left. I called dispatch immediately they told me that they could schedule it again. Frustrated I asked when they could deliver t again she told me now I had to wait a month. I said no freaking way. I called back and talked to their manager and had them deliver it next day to my mother who was 3.5 hrs away. Ryder delivery was able to do it no problem. So 6 in a half months later I got wripped off. Dicked around all to pay for a white glove delivery again that was extra cost, and never received that either. I can see why ur company is going out of business. I think it's only fair u just open the doors and allow people to take ur stuff for free, since ur going out of business and probably have screwed alot of people myself included out alot of money for nothing for ur business. Disgraceful really."

Consumer says

"Flower Mound TX using deceptive advertising to sell their remaining products. They advertised a two cushion wicker chair for a retail price of $2499.00 at a 92% discount for a final price of $199. Actually this two cushion chair was a small part of 3 piece sectional unit that sits 6 people with cocktail unit. They are being deceptive in advertising the unit as a managers special at 92% off when they were only selling a small portion of the sectional uni. Most of the unit was missing. This is deceptive and Pier One should be held accountable for deception. Sales person rude saying you don’t want the unit at the price you don’t have to buy it. She had no concern about misrepresenting the retail price, discount, to telling public most of the unit was missing."

Ruby Marie says

"My first experience at Pier 1 was 3 weeks ago In Hanover, Ma when I went to look for a floor vase and I will never go back there again. It was pretty obvious that they don’t get much diversity in that store. I had purchased the vase I wanted and stood in line behind a lady that was being ringed up and once she was done ringing her up the cashier turns around to another customer who was standing on the other side of the register and tells her she can ring her up, then turns around and acted as if she didn’t see me standing there the whole time and tells me oh I didn’t see you there and I already called her over so I could ring her up. So I said to her, I was here the whole time when you was ringing up the other woman before me and she tells me well the line is on the other side. By then the other customer who she had called over to be ringed up told me to go ahead of her but at that point I was already annoyed with the way that cashier handled the situation so I told the customer that it was ok she could go I will just wait for the other cashier. Thinking maybe the other cashier would be much nicer because I saw how she was engaging with the other customers and so she gets to me and immediately I felt the tension with her as well and apart of me wanted to just put that over priced vase back and just walk out. Looking back at it now, that’s exactly what I should’ve done. I would not recommend none of my friends or family to go there."

Michele says

"Horrible experience!! Ordered candles 3 days after they announced they were going out of business - all candles broke in shipping - I never received them — this is what ups said . I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone at a pier one for my money back ! Do not purchase from them -
I see I will have to do a credit card dispute - I wonder why this company went out of business ?"

Linda Moore says

"Ordered candles online 2 candles for 20.00
So i ordered 10 candles for 143.00 which means i should have recieved 20 candles....they only sent me 10 candles....i can never get thru to them on the phone and they ignores my letters.....they ripped me off.....thieves....karma put them out of business"

The Palmer's says

"Horrible products, horrible shipping, horrible service. They are closing for a reason. Poorly run for too long."

Alexis Hunter Graff says

"It took about a month to get, which was fine. We were charged with a $200 fee for them to put it together for us (called white glove service.) It was not optional. And if you want to return it, you don't get that $200 fee back. You just lose it. Immediately ater the workers put the chair together, there were pieces of the chair already unraveling. It hadn't even been sat in! It looks more comfortable than it is. Definitely a comfy chair for kids. Not so much an adult. I wanted something I could curl up and read or take a nap in. I am 5' 5" and about 120 lbs. And I can't curl up in It. I would exchange it if they would give us the 200 back but I feel at a loss. It takes up a lot of space and we spent almost $1000."

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